Responsible Pipeline


  1. Response Letter to NJDEP from NJNG  9/25/15
  2.    Appendix A  [A1]  [A2]
  3.    Appendix B  [B1]
  4.    Appendix C  [C1]  [C2]
  5.    Appendix D  [D1]  [D2]
  6.    Appendix E  [E1]  [E2]
  7.    Appendix F  [F1]  [F2]  [F3]
  8. NJ DEP Review Status of NJNG Pipeline 10/9/15


Appendix D [D1] (Phase 1 - Archaeological Report) is too large a file to up/down load.  Please contact the Webmaster for a copy if you need one. 


NJNG Documents to NJDEP


Above data made available courtesy of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance, The Bishop Farmstead, 17 Pemberton Road, Southampton, NJ 08088  --  609.859.8860